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About us

The Youth Recovery & Wellbeing College is a person-centred community for those aged 11–18. The college is led by young people and explores creative and empowering ways to improve your wellbeing through engaging virtual and face-to-face experiences, workshops, sessions, and activities.

The service prides itself on co-production meaning that all opportunities are designed by young people and delivered in collaboration with experienced youth workers, NHS professionals, educational providers and creative persons from the arts and other areas.

The Youth Recovery & Wellbeing College celebrates diversity and inclusion providing safe environments and platforms for young people to grow and embrace friendships, relationships, and individuality.

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What we offer

Through the college you will gain free access to:

  • Fun, creative and inclusive face-to-face and virtual sessions
  • Empowering, friendly and safe environments
  • New experiences and workshops
  • A community that values your voice
  • A community focussed on wellbeing
  • Activities designed for growth and developing skills

The service and platform operate like a menu meaning you can pick and choose what you would like to do in your own time and at your own pace!

Sound like fun? If you are aged between 11-18 and from the Hull and East Riding area you can join The Youth Recovery & Wellbeing College for free and be part of a young community; it’s a place where you belong.

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Meet the team

Mez - Youth Practitioner (he / him)

Hey, my name is Mez and I’ve been a youth worker for over ten years, supporting young people from various backgrounds and communities through person-centred practice and creative projects. I put young people's welfare and development at the heart of my work, and I believe in growth and support through empowerment, innovation, and inclusivity. I aim to improve wellbeing and confidence through creative, informal, and fun experiences and I enjoy building friendships.

As of September 2023, I am excited to be also getting involved with the adult provision. I am looking forward to bringing my creative nature to these sessions; together we will write lyrics, poems, short stories and chat all things movies, books and more. I can’t wait to get stuck into some sporting activities, especially some football!

I also, love music and I have performed all over the world in my band. I’m obsessed with eating pizza, and I enjoy getting out and hiking.

Connect the Dots – with Mez

Mez, as part of our Young Person’s offer, hosts informal virtual chats on regular basis where you can meet him, chat about what activities you might want to be involved in as well as discuss your progress with us through relaxed and non-judgemental advice and guidance sessions. If you would like to know more and are aged between 11-18 and live within Hull and the East Riding, you can email to request a slot with Mez below.

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Flick (she / her)

Hiya, I’m Flick, and I’m delighted to have the opportunity to work with the college and hopefully deliver some sessions with you. I have recently graduated university, where I studied Education Studies with an additional qualification in Youth and Community Work, and I have around 18 months of hands-on experience working with young people, in various provisions. I’m passionate about actively listening to young people and encouraging active participation also. I especially enjoy working in collaboration with young people to create something new. In my free time I’m either at the gym, spending time with family or watching a good series on Disney plus or Netflix. I’m super excited to work with you all, and hopefully learn something new and bring something new to the college also!

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Acho - Humber Recovery and Wellbeing Practitioner (he / him)

Hello, my name is Acho (Ach for Short or as I’m commonly known) I have been working within the Humber Recovery and Wellbeing College for a number of years now delivering courses across Hull and East Riding. My previous background has been in learning and education, namely, helping set up and deliver mandatory training to NHS staff. I also have a solid background in computing and programming (which means I can be a little bit geeky when it comes to new technologies and how they work). I am passionate about mental health and the ways in which we can help support our own mental wellbeing. My aim is to help people improve their mental wellbeing through creative, informative, and fun workshops designed to empower people with the knowledge to look after their own mental wellbeing.

I deliver sessions/Workshops such as Tai chi for health and Wellbeing, Mindful Calligraphy, Mindfulness, Zen Meditation, Mood and Food, Kintsugi (Japanese art of mending broken pottery) and various crafting workshops which includes creating Worry dolls. I also deliver informative/discussion-based sessions on Confidence building and self-belief.

In my spare time my main hobbies include martial arts, going for walks, gaming, and mountain biking.

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Joe (he / him)

My name is Joe and I am dedicated to helping improve mental health and wellbeing throughout the community. I lead on a lot of the creative sessions which we run, these include wellbeing through creativity and photography as these are subjects I am extremely passionate about, I also am committed to making a difference within mens mental health which is why I also run dedicated sessions for men to feel like they have a safe space to explore and improve their mental health and wellbeing. I aim to make all of my sessions welcoming, warm and inclusive with the goal to make them as accessible as possible.

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Maisy – Digital Marketing Communication and Administration Officer (she / her)

Hey, I’m Maisy! I’ve recently graduated University where I studied Clinical Psychology. I’m very passionate about mental health and wellbeing and have been involved in multiple different projects including the coproduction of the Youth Recovery and Wellbeing College! My hobbies include performing arts, baking, swimming, exploring, and anything creative. My role within the college is mainly behind the scenes, but I love getting out and supporting sessions when I can across both the adult and youth sides of the college. I’m always happy to help where I can, and you’ll often find me with an iced coffee in my hand.

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Tracy (she / her)

Hi there! I’m Tracey and I am a Recovery and Wellbeing College Practitioner working within the Wellbeing Recovery Employment Service. My training as a teacher and mental health support specialist has led me into developing this role within the Recovery and Wellbeing College to support others. As an advocate for raising awareness of mental health issues and supporting those who need it, I am primarily involved with helping people who are unemployed and looking to get closer to getting into work. This means I work alongside the employment advisors to support people’s emotional and mental health while they look for employment and voluntary opportunities. I deliver workshops around managing stress, coping with anxiety, recognising resilience, raising self-awareness, building CVs, completing application forms and developing interview skills. As well as these face-to-face deliveries I run online discussion forums linking with other services to provide a holistic approach to providing wrap around support.