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Thursday 5th October

Goals: celebrate individuality with these inclusive and fun creative writing experiences/sessions. You will develop a portfolio of your own poetry, lyrics, short stories and more. You will experience and learn different techniques of how to get your thoughts and feelings on a page. This is a creative wellbeing session; you will explore mood, build new relationships, and grow your confidence through creative writing activities.

Express Yourself @ Kelvin Hall

The Express Yourself session is at Kelvin Hall School this term! In these regular face-face and group sessions Kelvin Hall students will get stuck into some creative writing. Please note this is a closed group for YP who attend Kelvin Hall School.

In these sessions: you will learn to use techniques that popstars, artists, bands and writers use when song, lyric and poetry writing.

Within this non-judgemental group you will begin to create a portfolio of your own creative writing.

We will explore topics, thoughts and feelings that are important to you and others, furthermore as the session progresses you will have the opportunity to perform your work with the group on a podcast devoted to expressing yourself!

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